Zolaika "zoey" Rydell

paper master


Age: 19
hight: 5’6
Wieght: 110
Hair: blonde
eys: brown
group affilaion: mafia
base of opperation: new york city
power lvl: 10

  • Attributes*

Strength: 1
Stamina: 1
Agility: 4
Dexterity: 4
Fighting: 3
Intellect: 4
Awareness: 3
Presence: 1


Dodge: 4
Parry: 4
Fortitude: 2
Toughness: 1/10
Will: 3


fast grab
precise attack
throwing mastery
well informed


athletics: 2
close combat: 6
experties (journalism): 4
insight: 2
investigation: 6
preception: 2
ranged combat: 4
sleight of hand: 4
stealth: 2
treatment: 4


Summon 10
-heroic, split, subtle, limited resources
Creat 5
-continuous, impervious, movable,percise,subtle,limited resources,multiattack
Growth 8
-link to summon, skill check
Sence 3
-communication link to summon, rabid
Damage 10
-link to summon
Protection 9
-link to summon, link to create
Flight 6
-link to summon, wings, limited resources(120mph)



. Zolaika(zoey) Rydell
Zoey’s parent devoured when she was born and she lived with her mother in Maine. Her mother was deeply religious, something she did her best to instill in her young daughter. For the most part Zoeys father had little to do with her early life, having some sort of connection to the mafia back in New York which took up all his time.
When zoey was four years old her powers began to manifest themselves. They were small enough at the time to go mostly unnoticed. A deep paper cut here, a stack of papers falling off a counter there, nothing that couldn’t be explained away logically. That all changed shortly before her fifth birthday. Zoey in a fit of boredom was making airplanes out of the paper that was lying around and throwing them out their second story balcony. When her mother entered and exploded that the papers were important documents Zoey summoned them back into the apartment. This caused her mother to freak out and exclaim that her daughter was a demon. Within the week Zoeys father shows up and takes her to live with him in New York City. Her mother wouldn’t so much say goodbye to her. Zoey hasn’t seen or hear from her mother since that day.
Zoey celebrated her fifth birthday in a new place, surrounded by people she didn’t know. This of course is very traumatic for a little girl and she refuses to use any of her powers, believing they somehow make her a monster. Time passes and she get more accustom to her new life. She makes friends and starts school. Shortly after she turns six her father introduces her to Daryl Ingensra, a boy that has just come to live with his grandparents after the death of his parents. He, along with his grandfather were also paper masters. The two became best friends almost imitatly and Daryl got Zoey to use her powers without shame. Daryl’s grandfather started training the two children and by the time Zoey was 10 she and Daryl where helping out with the “families business”. Though their powers where similar their fighting styles where completely different. Zoey excelled in creating creature like familiars to do her work while Daryl preferred to craft medieval weapons and go toe to toe with his opponents. The two get into a little bit of trouble here and there when they went overbore with their abilities. Toilet papering houses took on a whole new meaning for the residence of their neighborhood
The mafia made good use of Zoey’s abilities, sending her and Daryl out for various tasks. The jobs started out relatively simple but slowly got more dangerous and increasingly more violent. During one such task when Zoey was around 13 she accidently kills a man and is sickened by the act. She temporarily loses her powers due to the incident. During that time her life began to spiral downward, her relationship with her father deteriorate, she began to fail in school and she desperately wanted out of the mafias’ employment. After a particularly heated fight with her father, Zoey leaves and spends the night wandering the streets in the rain. Eventually she finds her way to the local library, were the librarian insists that she stay to dry off and warm up. While waiting Zoey is given a book to read and discovers her ability to read at an astonishing speed. The librarian find this amazing and sets her to reading more, thus beginning the girls lifelong love of books.
Over the next few months Zoey mostly turned her life around. With her powers gone the mafia wanted little to do with her. She started excelling in school and joined the journalism club. Zoey tried several times to get Daryl to join but he always refuse. She became a regular visitor to the library, having formed a close friendship with the librarian. This was perhaps the happiest period in her life. For all that however, her relationship with her father never improved.
Sadly all good things must come to an end and just as a murder had caused her to lose her powers; it would be murder that returned them. One day a man attempting to rob a bank fled to the library looking for a place to lose the police. A fight ensues between him and the librarian and the woman is fatally shot. Overcome with grief and rage Zoeys’ powers return in a rush and she cuts the man to ribbons, destroy most of the library in the process. Daryl manages to calm her down and drag her off before the cops showed up. Before they leave Zoey finds a small bloody origami crane on the remains of the robber and takes it. While she is sickened by the killing she comes to terms with it and what she is and is forced to returns to working in the mafia. She keeps the crane on her as a reminder and takes the name paper crane as a code name.
With each passing year Zoey wanted more and more to escape the life of a mafia tough and do something good with her life. In contrast her best friend was becoming more and more violent. Zoey did everything in her power to keep Daryl from going over the edge and becoming a monster but with every job they took she could since the darkness inside of him growing. He liked their employers no more than she but liked the power that came from working for such a powerful organization. He talked about breaking off and forming their own organization often but never forced the issue.
Zoey graduated from high school and entered collage. She worked for the local paper when she wasn’t working for the “family business” and watched to make sure that none of their dealing came to the public attention. Daryl continued to grow more restless and violent. Until that time he had managed not to kill or permanently maim anyone but Zoey knew it was only a matter of time before he did something he’d regret.
That time finally came on Zoeys 18th birthday. The two get sent to track down a man that owned the family money. When they track him down they find that he has gathered together a group of bodyguards. Zoey wants to leave and come back when their more prepared but Daryl rushes in anyway. They dispatch the guards easily enough and confront their target. Zoey is badly wounded which sends Daryl into a rage and he tries to kill the man. Zoey, desperate to keep her best friend from become a killer, steps between the two and takes the brunt of Daryl’s attack. His horrified expression is the last thing she sees before she blacks out.
She wakes up in the hospital some time later. When she gets out of the hospital she learns that Daryl had disappeared. From what one of her friends told her, he’d stayed by her side the whole time she was unconscious and then vanished when she started to wake up and no one has seen him since. The man the two had been sent to collect from had been found dead a short time later. The police whispered that he was covered with thin deep scratches that looked almost like paper cuts. Those cuts had caused him to bleed out slowly and probably painfully. Time passes; Zoey recovers and returns to work. For the most part life returns to normal.
It’s been over a year since the incident happened. Daryl is still missing and zoey is growing more restless with her life and her place within the mafia family. she knows theres a better life out there but she doesn’t know how to escape the life she has now

Zolaika "zoey" Rydell

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