The Hulk (Bruce Banner)


Abilities: STR: 12 [40 / 50] (15 / +20), DEX: 8 (-1), CON: 12 [36 / 46] (13 / 18), INT: 6 (-2), WIS: 14 (2), CHA: 6 (-2)

Skills: Intimidate 20 (20), Notice 4 (6)

Feats: All-Out Attack, Attack Focus [Melee] 5, Chokehold, Dodge Focus 5, Fearsome Presence 10, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Power Attack, Startle, Takedown Attack, Ultimate Effort [Strength checks]

Boost 10 [Hulking Out] (Strength, Constitution, Regeneration, Super-Strength; Extras: Free 2], Total Fade [1]; Flaws: Emotional [anger; -1], Personal [-1]; 40pp)
Enhanced Strength 20 (20pp)
Enhanced Constitution 20 (20pp)
Growth 4 (Extra: Continuous [+1]; Flaw: Permanent [-1]; 12pp)
Immunity 9 (Life Support; 9pp)
Impervious Toughness 13 (13pp)
Leaping 10 (x2,500; 10pp)
Regeneration 14 (Recovery Rate 14 [Bruised 2, Injured 3, Disabled 4, Unconscious 2, Staggered 3]; Power Feats: Diehard, Regrowth; 16pp)
Super-Senses 1 (Astral Form Awareness [Mental]; 1pp)
Super-Senses 1 (Direction Sense, Distance Sense; Flaw: Limited [place of “birth” only; -1]; 1pp)
Super-Strength 10 (Heavy Load: 6400 tons; Power Feats: Super-Breath, Thunderclap; 22pp)

Growth Effects
Size: Large, Mass x8, Base movement +5 feet, Space 10 ft., Reach 10 ft.
Strength +8, Constitution +4, Carrying Capacity +5
-1 Attack and Defense bonus, Grapple +4, Stealth -4, Intimidate +2

Combat: Attack 4 [3] / 9 [8] (Melee); Damage 15 [20] (Unarmed); Defense 9 [8] (+2 flat-footed); Initiative -1

Saves: Toughness 13 [18] (13 Impervious), Fortitude +13 [18], Reflex +3, Will +8

Involuntary Transformation (into Bruce Banner, when calm; Very Common, Major; -5pp)
Normal Identity (Bruce Banner; Uncommon [Free action], Major; -3pp)

Abilities -2 + Skills 6 (24 ranks) + Feats 28 + Powers 164 + Combat 16 + Saves 10 – Drawbacks 8 = Total 214

Complications: Reputation (Hulk smashed too many things), Temper (Hulk Smash!)

:arrow: There have obviously been many incarnations of the Hulk over the years, but this build describes the archetypal Classic Green Hulk most people seem to associate with the character. The various incarnations have had the Hulk form retain some or all of Banner’s intellect and, more rarely, the Banner form retain some of Hulk’s strength.

:arrow: Though one might argue that the Hulk is always angry and already the strongest there is, he can become even angrier and even stronger as his adrenaline surges, usually in battle. Hulking Out is a Boost effect, with the Emotional Flaw. Rather than mandating an incremental improvement by combat round, I think the Flaw can be applied in a flexible enough fashion that it is not an all-or-nothing effect. The Hulk’s degree of anger is thus not dependent on the time he spends in combat and is ultimately under the control of the GM.

:arrow: An alternate way to construct Hulking Out would be to use the Chained Flaw from Mecha & Manga, with each successive Boost requiring the previous to first be activated. This produces the effect that is commonly used to portray Hulking Out and is a bit cheaper at the cost of having to successively Boost:

Boost 10 (Strength, Constitution, Regeneration, Super-Strength; Extras: Free 2], Total Fade [1]; Flaws: Chained 8 [to initial ranks of Boost; -1], Emotional [anger; -1], Personal [-1]; 32pp)

:arrow: Fully Boosted, the Hulk’s Strength increases to 50, his Constitution to 46, his Super-Strength to 15, and he adds 10 ranks to Regeneration, enough to increase his Recovery Rate to the point where he can make damage recovery checks every round without taking actions. For even more lifting capacity, Hulk can stunt additional Super-Strength off of his Enhanced Strength. If that’s not enough, he has Ultimate Effort for “niche protection,” ensuring that no one will outdo him in Strength. He’s the strongest there is, period.

:arrow: Without his Boost, the Hulk is still a very formidable PL12 but is actually beatable by someone like Wolverine or Captain America, albeit barely. His feat selection makes him a veritable grappling god. The Hulk only has Impervious ranks on his base Toughness, but that’s more than enough, especially when coupled with his impressive Regeneration rate. Unlike, say, Superman, bullets don’t really bounce off him so much as simply not bother him.

:arrow: Finally, the Hulk has some weird ability to see ghosts and astral forms, as well as sense the direction and location of the desert base where he was born. Oh, and no matter how much Banner grows when he becomes the Hulk, his jeans still fit, though they must be awfully tight. Still, they’re not made of unstable molecules or anything; they’re just really…stretchy.

:arrow: The other versions of Hulk will and have been dealt with in separate builds, but they generally have different starting Strength and Constitution scores pre-Boost: briefly, each score 4 points lower for Grey Hulk, each 4 points higher for a modern Savage Green Hulk, and each 8 points higher for World War Hulk. The Boost then brings these scores 10 points higher than the base value.

:arrow: The Dr. Jekyll to the Hulk’s Mr. Hyde. Not entirely useless. Banner can actually create an invention that Hulk then uses, such as during his second encounter with the Abomination. And Banner can beat up an unpowered Robert Reynolds.


The Hulk (Bruce Banner)

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