Ollie Linford


Hero identity: Tabris

age: 25
height: 5’8"
weight: 155
eyes: blue
hair: brown
group affiliation: none
base of operations: Levi town, PA
power level: 10

strength: 0
stamina: 0
agility: 1
dexterity: 0
fighting: 0
intellect: 6
awareness: 6
presence: 0

dodge: 5
parry: 0
fortitude: 0
toughness: 0
will: 10

throwing mastery
improve aim
improve initiative 2
eidetic memory 2
precise attack
fast grab

ranged combat 5/10
expertise-science 1/2
perception 2/4
investigation 2/4
insight 2/4
acrobatics 1/2

move object 9
force field 6
flight 6
scenes 2
-detect distance

-doing good


Tabris: Ollie Linford




Ollie Linford was born to parents John and Eva. John a graphic designer and Eva a local doctor were loving parents, though Ollie secretly, even to himself, had telekinetic powers. These powers mostly manifested when in danger. Like when he fell out of a tall tree when he was very young, or when he knocked a pan of sizzling oil over and it almost landed on him. Every time a he was in danger and should have ended with a injury subconsciously his powers would save him.

Around the age of 10 Ollie started to notice that some objects moved when he looked at them.

After a while on a flight to visit family on the west coast, he concentrated on the wing. It snapped off. This sent the plane into a spiral, tearing it apart and killing all but Ollie. A little burned and injured he was lost some were in the Wyoming wilderness alone with the fact that he had just killed his family and everyone on board. A very difficult week passed before the boy was finally found.

Afraid of what would happen if they knew he had powers he kept them secret. For the time being his goal became to control his powers. He became withdrawn from the world around him. While being sent to foster home after foster home, he also excelled at school. Ollie graduated high school by 16 and was through with college at by 22. Some time in college Ollie decided he should do more with his powers and created his persona Tabris. Starting off with responding to accidents, Tabris eventually moved up to crime fighting and solving cases. He currently works for stark intersperse as a development scientist.

While in collage he had a run in with a detective George McManus who was meant to bring him in as a vigilante, but got himself kidnapped by the local mob. Eventually saved by Tabris, Detective McManus found a respect for the young hero, and now shares resources when needed. Also a young woman who practiced some form of mystic art crossed paths with him, surprised that he was unaffected by her charms. She soon found out his secret identity and tried to defeat him. Arcanna was stopped by his efforts to outwit her. One of his few friends, she can help him with problems if she feels like it, but usually take some leverage.

Ollie Linford

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