Jimmy "Kilo" Anderson

12 year old powerhouse with a split personality to boot.


STR 10 (20) AGI 1 FIG 4 AWA 1 STA 20 DEX 0 INT -1 PRE -1
Close Combat 19 Grapple 19 Improvised Weapon 19
Dodge 6 Parry 7 Fortitude 20 Toughness 20 Will 1
All Out Attack, Chokehold, Close Attack 10, Diehard, Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Improved P+K, Improved Critical, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative 5, Smash, Improvised Weapon, Power Attack, Prone Fighting, Takedown
Athletics 8
Close Combat P+K 5
Close Combat Grapple 5


Jimmy Anderson was just an average child born to interesting circumstances. And by interesting circumstances I mean the child could bend steel right out of the womb. In fact the family doctor retired early after a “mysterious” shattering of all the bones in his arm following Jimmy’s birth.

Stephen and Florence Anderson moved quite far away after that. Thankfully the “factory” Stephen worked for had a few sites across the states and Flo never questioned her son’s amazing power and what it may have come from. But Stephen did. You see, Stephen worked for a very large company that had it’s fingers in many different enterprises, including military weaponry and “questionable” science experiments that he’d refer to as The Factory. Stephen was one of those scientists who performed these morally-questionable tests and one fateful morning a few months before Jimmy’s conception he spent an all-nighter at The Factory, churning out results. Well after perfecting a serum that was supposed to mimic one of the latest super soldier serums with a higher acceptance rate Stephen was exposed to a small dose. In a panic he stuffed himself into the decontamination room and washed from head to toe in the harsh chemicals before rushing home and counting over his options. After a few days of leave he showed no signs of contamination so he scrapped his work and placed it in the fridge for a later day.

Fast forward to the birth of his child, Jimmy, and it strikes him. He was was a carrier. Typhoid Stephen. With the knowledge he took his last day at The Factory to destroy his previous work and disappear with his child in tow but his work was gone. The freezer was untouched except for Serum X45, his previously thought failure. He then took no time in confiding in a family friend who was also his most trusted co-worker and disappeared under the radar with his child, hoping the family friend would cover their tracks the best he could.

Jimmy and his mother and father lived in secret under different names as they moved across the states for a good 5 years before they were found. It was hard to hide Jimmy especially with his extraordinary strength and endurance (once Jimmy ran in front a truck chasing a ball and he tore the vehicle in half grabbing at things to protect himself) so living on the outskirts of humanity was a must. Despite their constant moving and strict rules Jimmy stayed a sweet boy. He understood it wasn’t a good thing to hurt people especially with his insane power and despite some of the accidental destruction left in his wake, he never hurt a soul.

Stephen and had been hiding their electronic footprints as best he could until The Factory realized what the bundle of joy they’d been protecting could do. On the fateful evening Jimmy was captured Stephen and Flo were watching television while Jimmy played in the fields out back, lifting the family tractor to look for bugs. Stephen wasn’t ready for the teargas pellet fired through the window but he had his .45 in his hand all the same when they came in through the windows. Men in full tactical gear and exosuits built around their arms and legs to increase strength for the extraction of Jimmy flooded the room like hellhounds. Stephen fired 4 rounds into the first soldier and 2 in the other before one of the men regrettably responded with his MP5, tearing Stephen to shreds and leading to the others shooting Flo in mid-grimace.

Jimmy wasn’t sure what happened that night and wont (hopefully) for the rest of his life. The reports filled out by the remaining two squad members detail that the back door exploded and that their squad leader was “Torn in half like a tube of ground beef” and that his 2nd and 3rd command were “slammed so hard together as to make their carcasses indistinguishable from a disgusting splice of the two”. Nothing was left of Lt. Snow, who was posted at the back door except for a crater and a very large bloodstain. It was by some miracle Jimmy had passed out front of the last two squad members, otherwise there wouldn’t be a report at all.

After Air-lifting Jimmy and bringing him to base in an undisclosed location he was locked up in several different cells until they found one to accommodate his strength. There he spent the next two years in emotional conditioning so he could be ready for the experiments and training. They saw great potential in the child and they weren’t going to let that go to waste. After the combat programs and extreme exercise they started his hardiness trails. These were the worst for Jimmy because they would test all manner weaponry on his body, seeing how much he could take and what he could heal back. This went on for a few full years before the on base psychiatrist noticed a strange anomaly in his personality. When asked how to dealt with the pain he would respond that his “Big Brother” was there to protect him. The psychiatrist took this as a warning sign and pressed further in later sessions to see who this “Big Brother” was. Dr. Eva Lambshead found whenever he would talk about his brother Jimmy’s voice would change drastically and would become excessively violent and cold in his speeches and descriptions of what his brother would do to protect him. Unfortunately the higher ups didn’t regard Eva’s findings with much seriousness. They had no idea what was about to come next.

Jimmy "Kilo" Anderson

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