Adridan Harfeld


Name: Adrian Harfeld
Chosen Alias: Dhampir
Age: 30
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 197 lbs
Eyes: White
Hair: Black
Group Affiliation: N/A
Base of Operations: N/A
Power Level: 10

Strength: 2
Stamina: 8
Agility: 7
Dexterity: 5
Fighting: 4
Intellect: 7
Awareness: 4
Presence: 1

Dodge: 7
Parry: 7
Fortitude: 8
Toughness: 8
Will: 4

Grabbing Finesse
Great Endurance
Improved Grab
Improved Hold
Improved Inititave

Acrobatics: 14
Athletics: 10
Close Combat: Grapple: 14
Treatment: 12

Empathic Healing 10
Linked-Affliction: Wound Transferral: 10
Persistent Regeneration: Blood Source: 10
Movement: Wall Crawling: 2

Complications- Obsession: Cure, Enemy


From a young age, Adrian’s parents thought there was something different, or, special about him. He Began speaking at an early age, and seemed to pick up new words quickly. He began reading full books on his own at age five, adding more words, more knowledge. He was a genius the likes of which most people would hardly believe. Information just seemed to flow into him more easily than it did for anyone else. He went to a highly advanced school, and graduated with a high school education at age twelve.

From there, he moved on to college, taking a particular interest in bio chemistry and general medicine. He advanced steadily through both subjects, taking both on at once and finding a real mental challenge for the first time in his life. Both were endlessly complex, giving him plenty to research. Finally, at age nineteen, he graduated from college with a bachelor’s in each, when he encountered one difficulty. Despite the number of grants and programs which his parents had drawn from, there simply wasn’t any more money. He had several opportunities at this point. Hospitals and research centers were crying for him to join their ranks, wanting his brain on their side.

Looking at the various terms and other such options, he finally reached an agreement with a pharmaceutical company that would not only pay him quite well for his work, but would grant him his own lab to work in, should an idea strike him. For the most part, it remained unused however, as he assisted various others in their own projects, gaining insights, ideas, and most importantly, experience! He worked there almost obsessively four years before he returned to college to finish his degrees, walking away three years later with a Master’s in his chosen fields. Now, age twenty-seven, he was ready to take on the world. Before he really had a chance to start his work however, his father was involved in a serious car crash which claimed his life. The doctors had worked on him for near an hour before they had finally lost him, unable to resuscitate him.

Adrian was devastated. His father was the one who had constantly encouraged him, given him the drive for knowledge and success that had led to his current achievements. His father was even in good health at the time of the accident! It made him realize how powerless he was, and how useless current medicine was. It was then that his mind came up with an idea. He had seen how various bacteria were able to mend themselves by simply drawing their membrane closed, sealing any real damage. Could that idea be placed on a human being long enough to achieve a cure for most wounds? The thought plagued him for several weeks, while he helped make the arrangements for his father’s funeral. When that was done, however, he sought out a new company, one who would grant him the materials to research and potentially test his theory.

Most of the major names in the business laughed him off as an idealist, thinking that the loss of his father had cracked his mind, and perhaps it had, but he would not be deterred. He finally found a place in a rather secretive group, who merely requested that he share his findings with them in exchange for the use of their facilities and materials. He never did ask what else it was that they did. Soon enough, he was immersed in his work, slowly building up his knowledge of how a bacteria operates, as well as the general makeup of human flesh. All of his work took him roughly two years to conclude, coming up with a serum that would, hopefully, allow a temporary and localized transformation of human flesh into the general cell structure of a bacteria, and allow it to merely be molded together like putty in the space before the body would fight back and right itself. It was a crude solution, and currently, it wasn’t very cost effective, as it had no guarantees as to if it would work on everyone, but he was confident in his work.

Unfortunately, the company he worked for informed him that there was no way to test it without having an injured subject, and due to certain laws, they would be unable to provide him with animals on which to test his cure. He would need to find another way. Thinking about it long and hard, he finally decided to use this cure on himself, since he was still in good physical condition. He took a knife, sliced his hand open, and injected the serum into his forearm. The effects were far more jarring that he had anticipated, the room swirling around him while he clenched his hand on the wound, intending to squeeze it back into place. When his head finally cleared, he was immensely disappointed to see that his initial attempt had failed, the wound still dripping blood. Binding it, he returned to his work, attempting to discover where he had gone wrong.

Having a basis for his work, he progressed much more quickly this time, needing only six months to come up with and create another, slightly different kind of cure. This one would augment the body’s natural healing process, and while it would overall weaken the subject, he calculated that it would be enough to save lives, though, this one was more permanent, so it would need to be handled carefully. He repeated his procedure from before, this time, slicing a bit more deeply into his hand before injecting this second serum in roughly the same place as he had the last. Again, he seemed to be met with failure, and his agitation causing him to throw his implements and notes from the table. Unknown to him, the first serum had lingered in small traces throughout his body, and as it interacted with this new compound, he experienced a rather sudden change, rendering him unconscious.

When he came to, he was in a small medical room that was in the facility where he worked, an IV in his arm, and a bag of blood hanging above. It was then that he recalled the cut to his hand, only to realize that…it wasn’t. His hand was perfectly fine. It had been bandaged, but he could feel it. There was no wound beneath. Once he was up, he spoke to a colleague of his, and arranged a meeting with the board, as well as a few more tests to determine what it was that had triggered the regeneration. It was during this that he discovered the catalyst. Human blood. Not his own, it seemed, but that of anyone else. He was shaken by this turn of events, and reported his findings to the directors, as had been requested. However, he was unable to reproduce these results with the volunteers who appeared to help him test his theory, causing him to lose face with his superiors. They would give him one last chance to give them something useful.

He worked feverishly this time, raising his physical capabilities much higher, running, lifting weights, and performing his research as quickly as he could manage. His final project took him a year, his thirtieth birthday passing him by without any real recognition as he progressed, finally, holding a single dose of his final chance to save lives. Rather than focusing on his previous to attempts, he had decided to go for a third, to at least combat any form of disease. This serum would attempt to augment the white bacteria within a human body, in order to allow them to better overtake and destroy pathogens. Having nobody else on whom to test his newest creation, he injected himself once more with this new compound, again, having failed to take into account the fact that he was no longer as human as he should have been. Not only did this seem to fail, but it manifested this time as a minor change in his cosmetic structure, removing the color from his eyes while leaving them nearly wholly intact, as well as leeching some of the pigment from his skin, leaving him unnaturally pale.

Enraged by his failure, he went on to destroy his lab, smashing glass, shredding paper, and eventually setting the place ablaze. The security for the company he worked for had heard the commotion, and intervened just as the fire was taking hold. With his newly acquired ‘disfigurements’ and the state of the room, he was assumed to be an intruder, a small fight ensuing. He received several bullet wounds in the exchange, finally seizing the nearest guard to use him as a human shield. As he held the guard before himself though, he felt the pain leaving him, and blood began to flow from the unfortunate man he held. Things progressed rather rapidly from there, ultimately resulting with Adrian being imprisoned, for causing the death of the guard. The company wasn’t yet done with him however, seeing the potential of the ability he’d demonstrated, and intending to get him back, in order to perfect the compounds he’d created.

Adridan Harfeld

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