Left of center. Or... The Bravo evolution.

A Prologue of sorts...

And so it begins… The Heroes come together under Arlen Simms. A diverse set of skills and abilities, but the consolidation has not gone unnoticed. We find ourselves following an eager young 1st Lieutennant, marching down the hallways of “Alpha Sector”, located in one of those unnamed, unmapped military bases dotting the uninhabited American landscape. He carries a file and an air of urgency. He is going to see The Director. Nobody knows his name or rank on base, he just goes by “Mr Director” most of the time. His receptionist, a legend in her own right, stopped our Lieutennant as he entered her office.

“Can I help you Lieutennant Baskin?”

The young man kept walking, but tentatively, towards The Director’s office. He stopped short and looked back at the aged seceratary, calmly smiling. She had to push a button for Baskin to go into the office.

“It’s very urgent, I must show this to The Director.” Lt. Baskin raised the file as if it were the key to The Director’s office door.

“It’s always urgent Lieutennant. Always. Have a seat, please” Francine stood and gestured to a chair. “But something else that was also urgent is currently occupying our Director’s attention. Can I get you a coffee or danish while you wait Lieutennant?”

Baskin shook his head no, and sat, watching the door and methodically tapping the file on his leg. Francine sat back down and resumed typing on her computer. The only sound was Francine’s fingers on the keys of her computer, and the ticking of the clock. Which ticked it’s way through almost 45 minutes before The Director’s office swung open.

Out walked two of the strangest men Baskin had ever seen here at the base. One was tall and broad chested, he looked like some sort of ancient Native American warrior stuck in modern times. His face was pleasant and he smiled warmly at Baskin, who quickly smiled back and turned his gaze to the other man.

He was almost as tall as the Native American, but definitely not nearly as good-spirited. He glared at the Lieutennant as if he was contemplating the best way in which to kill him. Francine, however, smiled at him and jumped up to give him a big hug before he made it out of her office.

“It’s good to see you home in one piece.” She said, holding his shoulders and looking up at him. “You do know how to make a woman worry.” Francine fell back into a hug.

The gruff man returned Francine’s hug, and in a gravelly voice replied, “I am fine, and so is the team. You take care now Francine. Blanaid and I will be by this weekend for dinner, we can catch up then, ok?” He kissed her forehead and walked out, not a glance back at the slack-jawed Lieutennant. He looked the two men up and down while Francine and the man exchanged words. Baskin had seen them before, but not in civilian clothes such as this. They had on a version of the spec ops tactical outfit. The main pice of the gear missing being the firearms, and GPS tracking unit. Baskin would’ve said something then, but the team was piling into two helicopters and off before Baskin even realized they had no weapons and were clearly headed straight to the field.

The thoughts passed as Francine looked up at the thoughtful Lt Baskin.

“The Director will see you now Lt Baskin. You have ten minutes.”

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Lt. Baskin

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Francine (Personal Assistant to The Director)

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